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Curtis A. Welch

Update to Clark County Superior Court Judges' Jury Selection Procedures

July 2017

Curtis A. Welch

 Published in the Clark County Bar Association Newsletter
July 2017

Currently on the CCBA website, under the Member Resources section, there are completed questionnaires regarding the jury selection procedures of eight current or former Clark County Superior Court judges.  As explained in the article on the CCBA website, the questionnaires were part of a project involving students in the Clark College paralegal program, with oversight from Paralegal Program Director Layne Russell, Esq., and with overall project oversight from Emily Sheldrick and me as part of the Clark County Superior Court Bench Bar committee.  Emily and I drafted the questions for the questionnaires, with input from the other members of the Bench/Bar committee, and the paralegal students conducted interviews of several of the judges.  The remainder of the information gathering was done primarily by written communication to and from the judges. 

The purpose of the project was to provide a resource to lawyers for learning before trial a judge's procedures for jury selection, and thereby help in the overall jury selection process.   

The project started in Fall 2013 and continued until early 2014, after which time the questionnaires for each judge were published in issues of the Hearsay newsletter, and then posted on the CCBA website. 

Since the conclusion of the information-gathering part of the project in early 2014, Superior Court Judges Fairgrieve, Vanderwood and Veljacic have been sworn in.  In working on the project's update involving Judges Fairgrieve, Vanderwood and Veljacic, Emily Sheldrick and I have used the same questionnaires as were used with the other judges. 

The completed questionnaires for Judge Fairgrieve, Judge Vanderwood and Judge Veljacic are set forth below. 

Please note that these published procedures are intended to provide a general overview of a judge's preferred procedures for jury selection, and a judge may change those procedures over time, or may vary somewhat from the published procedures in a particular case.  

To view the article online in the Clark County Bar Association newsletter click here: http://www.ccbawashington.org/hearsay/2017_07_Hearsay.pdf


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