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Representative Work: Tax Appeals

Our business attorneys excel in the area of tax law.  Many of them have specific backgrounds in tax law (i.e., CPA, Masters in Taxation, and significant work experience in tax related matters).  These backgrounds enable our business attorneys to better serve our clients when it comes to planning and structuring business transactions.  However, as tax practitioners, our business attorneys also represent clients in front of the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") and various state taxing agencies, including the Oregon Department of Revenue ("ODR").  For example, our business attorneys have successfully represented business executives in front of the IRS and ODR in connection with non-payment of payroll taxes, and individuals in front of the IRS and ODR in connection with a failure to file tax returns and pay taxes owing.  In some cases, as part of resolving matters involving non-payment of taxes, our business attorneys have been successful at reducing the amount of taxes, interest, and penalties owing by the taxpayer through a process known as an Offer in Compromise.

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