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Oregon Civil Trial Skills

Speakers: Hansary A. Laforest, Andrea R. Meyer, Tab Wood

Event Name: Oregon Civil Trial Skills
Sponsor: National Business Institute
Event Location: Live Online Seminar

Event Date: 04/19/2023
Event Time: 9 AM - 4:30 PM

Program Description:

Real-World Insights on Jury Selection, Evidence, Cross-Examination, and More!

Countless hours in building a solid case theme and supporting it with admissible evidence are about to crescendo in the all-or-nothing storytelling contest. Are you ready? In this online seminar, experienced trial attorneys will reveal their hard-won insights and show you how to deliver your side of the case to the decision-makers with clarity, persuasion, and force. Gain the edge with these tried-and-true trial skills. Register today!

  • Prepare a trial notebook that provides all the documents and info you need at a moment's notice. 
  • Learn how to flush out jurors' true biases and attitudes during voir dire. 
  • Discover the recipe for opening statements that resonate with jurors. 
  • Get practical pointers on introducing exhibits and responding to objections. 
  • Refine your cross-examination skills with tips from veteran trial attorneys. 
  • Make the most of your last arguments before the jury head to deliberations. 

Course Content:
I. Creating a Trial Notebook - Your Blueprint for Trial
II. Voir Dire and Jury Selection Tactics
III. The Secrets to a Powerful Opening Statement
IV. Evidence Presentation, Objections, and Admission
V. Key Cross-Examination Strategies Every Lawyer Must Know
VI. Closing Arguments and Jury Instructions
VII. Ethics for Trial Lawyers

To register for this seminar, click HERE. 

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