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Employment eAlert: Reminder to Employers to Provide Notice to Employees of Available Sick Time

April 2014

Under the Portland Protected Sick Time Ordinance, employers are required to "provide written notification each quarter to each Employee of the amount of accrued and unused Sick Time available for use by that Employee." Although not stated in the Ordinance or Administrative Rules, BOLI has indicated that inclusion of this information in an employee's itemized pay statement should be sufficient to comply with the notice requirements of the law. BOLI has also generally endorsed using accessible online programs and electronic delivery of notices to employees. Accordingly, employers who do not include the information in pay statements can likely provide quarterly information using these alternatives.

Now that first quarter of 2014 is complete, employers subject to the Ordinance should make sure they are prepared to provide quarterly notice to their covered employees.

If you have any questions about the Portland Sick Time Law, or any other employment law issues, please feel free to contact us.

This article was written by Elizabeth Semler, former Sussman Shank LLP Employment Law Partner.

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