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Representative Work: Employment

We represented a president of a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company.  The Fortune 500 company had enticed our client to work for them approximately one year before, and the employment package included a $150,000 severance package.  After less than a year of operations, the Fortune 500 company, caught in the 2000-2001 economic downturn, decided to suspend operations of the subsidiary, and looked at transferring our client to manage another subsidiary.  The client did not wish to move out of state, and the company terminated our client and refused to pay him the severance package.  On behalf of our client we filed a lawsuit, and, thereafter, agreed with the company to mediate the disagreement.  Our client received in excess of $110,000 in cash, plus a release from his non-competition agreement with the company.  This settlement, in effect, allowed our client to receive a substantial amount of the severance package, and to set up a business in Oregon servicing those former clients for which the Fortune 500 company was no longer serving, providing the client substantially more in income than the total $150,000 initial severance package.

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