Workshop & Networking: How to increase the value of your business

Speaker: Darin D. Honn

Event Name: Workshop & Networking: How to increase the value of your business
Sponsor: Harvard Business School Association of Oregon
Event Location: Union Bank of California| 407 SW Broadway Portland OR 97205

Event Date: 02/25/2016
Event Time: 6:00PM

A hands on workshop designed specifically to walk you through the process of calculating the current value of your company, as well as increasing the future value of your business.

Led by Rick Piper, Managing Member of Piper Group International, and Darin Honn, Partner at Sussman Shank LLP

The workshop is divided into five sections:

(1.)   How to establish the baseline value of your company

(2.)   50 Ways to increase the Value of Your Business

(3.)   Critical Ways to Protect Your Business

(4.)   Develop a Specific Project Plan to Improve the Value of Your Business

(5.)   Developing an Exit Strategy

Attendees who register before February 18th will receive an extensive, easy-to-follow Project Workbook, which is a valuable resource that will allow an attendee to reference this process long after attending the workshop. Many of the concepts, methodologies, and case-studies presented in this workshop are unique and unavailable from other sources.

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