Drafting and Negotiating Business Contracts

Event Name: Drafting Best Practices to Ensure Enforceability
Sponsor: National Business Institute

Event Date: 12/16/2015
Event Time: 9 am -4:30 pm

Program Description

Draft and Enforce Rock-Solid Contracts

It can be easy to simply run on auto-pilot when drafting business contracts; however, these important agreements should be carefully structured, negotiated and worded to ensure your client's needs are met. Do you know how to create enforceable contracts that also prevent costly litigation? Review how to work through contentious negotiations and re-negotiation road-blocks that can stall the case. Learn from seasoned attorneys who have perfected their craft and apply their time-tested strategies and techniques to your next contract. Register today!

  • Identify when and how to use conditional language to your advantage.
  • Know best practices for avoiding ambiguities and inconsistencies that ultimately decrease contract enforceability.
  • Learn which negotiation technique to apply based on the parties involved.
  • Listen as experienced attorneys provide tips for working through an impasse when one or both parties are refusing to budge on terms or conditions.
  • Be able to prove during a dispute that the contract in question is indeed valid and legal.
  • Calculate direct and consequential damages incurred because of a breach of contract.
  • Avoid ethical dilemmas associated with e-mailing contract terms and electronic signatures.

Who Should Attend

This basic-to-intermediate level program is designed for attorneys who encounter contracts in everyday practice.

Drafting Best Practices to Ensure Enforceability

    1. Organizing Contract Provisions Logically
    2. Indemnity and Arbitration Clause Developments
    3. Conditional Language and its Place
    4. Exception and Subordination Clauses
    5. Terms and Deadlines - What Should and Should Not be Specified
    6. Avoiding Ambiguities and Inconsistencies
    7. Articulating Formulas That all Parties Agree to
    8. Attachments and Modifiers That Increase Clarity
    9. Enforcement Provisions That Hold up in Court
    10. Amendments and Waivers on Behalf of Your Client
    11. Writing for Readability and Precision

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