Commercial Lease Disputes

Whether you have a tenant who is failing to pay rent or refusing to vacate the premises, Sussman Shank can help resolve the problem. For years we have assisted our commercial landlord clients in enforcing their rights. Our lawyers also have significant experience in drafting and negotiating commercial leases.

Representative Experience

Obtaining Possession of the Premises
We represented a commercial landlord in a successful trial to obtain possession of the premises and force the removal of a spiteful and derelict Tenant.

We represented a commercial landlord in evicting a tenant operating an adult care facility in the premises.  Once the judgment of eviction was obtained from the court, we successfully and efficiently worked with a number of governmental agencies in safely removing the tenant's elder patients from the premises.

For a number of our clients, we have successfully enforced self-help remedies that allow our clients to obtain possession of the premises without trial or significant expense.  These self-help remedies also can greatly increase our client's ability to obtain payment.

Obtaining Rent
We assisted numerous commercial landlords in successfully collecting unpaid rent from tenants (or guarantors) who default under the lease.  In one example, the tenant planned on moving to another country and was in the process of selling his home. Through the use of pre-judgment remedies, we were able to obtain a lien on the tenant's house prior to its sale, which allowed our client to recover more than $70,000 that it otherwise would never have recovered.

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